Tuesday, February 19, 2013


First thing's first. 
Thank you  SO very much whomever donated $100.00 to John's fund. I couldn't believe my eyes!
We are now above the $1,000 mark!!!!
We will get there and John is so worth it.
Speaking of John, here is his latest photo!!
I noticed right away that our sweet boy has a big scratch on his face.
It also makes me very sad seeing him in a coat with pink/purple on it.
Yes, I know he is in an orphanage where all kids dress like this and I totally get that.
However, he goes to school in one of the wealthiest provinces in China.
So here is my son going to school where he already sticks out being a Little Person (Little People in orphanages almost never get to go to school in China)  and then he has to go wearing a girls coat.
I know I shouldn't feel that way but I do because he is my son and I want the best for him and to keep him from feeling like he is less than.
We were able to get 10 questions answered and while I am glad we have them I was hoping they would go over the questions with John but I can tell it is just someone who works there giving her answers to the questions as she believes. I really wish she could have spent a bit more time answering them as they are very short and to the point but I'll take it. :)
1. Does Hong Jian know we are adopting him and will be there June/July to bring him home?

2. What is his favorite subject in school?
Chinese language.

3. What is his favorite color so we may use it in his bedroom?

4. What things does he like and dislike to eat?
He likes to eat QQ candy (it’s like jelly). He doesn’t like milk.

5. Does he speak any English?
He can say hello.

6. Has he received our photo album and letter about our family?

7.Is he OK with us changing his name to John? If not, what would he prefer?

8. Does he have anything he is afraid of?
No, he is very brave.

9. Is he able to write/exchange letters with us now or SKYPE on the computer?
Sorry, it is not available.

10. We wish for you to tell him how lucky we feel that he is to be our son and that his brothers and sisters are all very excited to meet him!
Thank you, we have told him and he said he was very excited, too!

11. His updated measurements:
Height: 100cm; Weight: 20kg; Shoe size: 35.

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